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2017-07-23 09:38:26 by Sylux03

YEP! I'ts been a while though. I'm excited to upload my tracks! Maybe every week I'll upload every single one of them. Im slow right now, busy with my things. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned friends! :)


2017-06-12 04:27:21 by Sylux03

Its gonna be a Trap music! <3 Can't wait to show you guys! Really, i've been working on it so hard and finish it ASAP. Stay tuned really soon.


2017-06-08 09:06:12 by Sylux03

Someone scouted me just right now! I hope you guys will use my music in GD for free! And also, I am great to use my music on GD! Thank you for scouting me bruh! :D

Hey guys! Its me Sylux from geometry dash. I've been playing in it in a while. I used to make cool levels, but RobTop did'nt notice me. YET! Also im getting bored already of making levels, so I was thinking of making a lot of my own songs! Just like the other players from GD! Like lemons, etc. SO YEP! Ive got some fresh ideas for my music so stay tuned and have fun! Hope you like my audio's soon.... ;)